Thursday, April 11, 2013


Today we took the kids for haircuts to get all spiffy for their birthday party coming up on Saturday.  Kailey has been due for one because her hair has been looking rather scraggly lately and with time she had grown a little rat tail.  We've been going to Miss Lisa since Colin was about a year old and we absolutely love her.  Since she recently switched to a new location, we followed her there too!

This was Kailey's first ever haircut and I was actually expecting tears and some resistance.  However, she was the complete OPPOSITE of what I thought.  She absolutely loved it!  She sat there like a perfect little angel, following directions when appropriate and looking at herself in the mirror.  

Miss Lisa evened out the bottom and gave her a little bob and it looks so cute to be even across the bottom. It was fun to watch her sit there!

Colin's been getting haircuts for awhile too and although he's generally been pretty good, sometimes he isn't crazy about the buzzing part.  Considering the fact that Chris said he was pretty whiney this afternoon, he did pretty good as well!

They both look so handsome/beautiful with their new haircuts!  

And on a side note...

It's often hard to leave my family in the morning when I head to work, but lately, when everyone's been up, they wave goodbye to me as I drive away.  It puts a big smile on my face!

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