Thursday, April 18, 2013

All About Kailey

I had to do a post devoted to Kailey today because she has just been oozing personality lately.  Most days I can't help but laugh at my silly little girl, but there are those days, like last night, where she can be a bit tough to take!  I look at pictures and can't get over how she is really 2 going on 13!  She knows exactly what she wants, WHEN she wants it, and she has no problem expressing those wants in whatever way will work.  She has been talking so well lately and some of the things she says just cracks us up!

"No, no Coooonnninnnn! That's not nice!"
"Ohhhh, Con-nin!"
"Mommy? What's that?" (with a shocked look on her face)
"Ohhhh goodness!"
"No Con-nin! That's kailey's!"

I also can't help but melt when I catch her doing things independently that are just so darn cute.  I can't get over how she talks to her babies and takes care of them so sweetly.  She has really been into the play kitchen lately and the little tea sets she has and she gives Daddy his "really hot coffee" in the morning.  

She is the first child I have ever met who is NOT a morning person in any way shape or form.  She is the crankiest child I know when getting up in the morning.  Not at ALL like her brother...

I love this little girl more than words can say.  

Why NOT have a tea party in the bathroom?

This is the carefully throw herself on the floor tantrum that she was having last night.  Well, one of the MANY.

This girl LOOOOVES wearing her sunglasses.

One of my all time favorite pictures of her (at this moment anyway) cracks me up EVERY time I look at it because if pictures could speak, this one would tell you EXACTLY what her personality has been like lately.

I love the fact that she is her own unique little girl and I also love the fact that she surprises me every day.  


Nana said...

So very cute!! Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous! I love the tutu!