Sunday, April 14, 2013


Somewhat recently, we got a notice home in Colin's backpack about a town soccer league for 3-5 year olds on Saturday mornings.  Chris and I hemmed and hawed for a bit about whether or not we should sign Colin up because we were worried about his attention span for participation.  It didn't take long for us to decide to do it because we really feel that although we LOVE Colin's participation in the Special Olympics activities, we really wanted him to be involved in some activities with his typical peers as well.  

This past Saturday was day 1 and it was interesting to say the least!  We had been talking about soccer with Colin for a good amount of time leading up to Saturday so I *think* he was ready for the day.  

He was really excited when we got there but as soon as we got on the fields he was wanting to do his "own thing".  

We had a really hard time at first keeping him on his own field and following Coach Amanda's instructions.  The way soccer is set up is the first half hour is practice and then the second half hour is the game.  

When trying to get Colin involved, we got a lot of protests because he just wanted to do his own thing.  I felt really frustrated because I just wanted him to join the other kids and do what he was supposed to do.  There were glimmers of that when Chris or I would help him.  

I started to ease up a bit when I realized that he was interested IN soccer, he just didn't necessarily want to do it the way he was being told to do.  There were a few times he was actually "dribbling" and kicking the soccer ball on his own, following it up, and continuing to do this over and over so we didn't force him into the group, but let him do his own thing  

At 12, the game started he got so excited to join the group and run around with the cluster following the soccer ball.  I got so excited because he had the biggest smile on his face and he kept looking at us like "look at me!".  

However, every once in awhile he would continue running right onto the next field so we'd have to go and get him and bring him back.  

He protested this, of course, and we'd find him standing on the sideline just watching and observing what was going on.

He'd get back into it again but we'd always see Colin running in the opposite direction of the all of the action (which was really quite amusing).  I think he was just enjoying running up and down the field!

I really think he just enjoyed running past us on the sideline and having all of us wave and say hi to him (his OT and another buddy from school was there).  

He WAS having fun.  

He looked really good doing it too....

In the first half hour, all of my thoughts in my head were of frustration because I was just expecting that he would run right out there and do what he was supposed to.  Now, I know I wasn't the only parent who was frustrated because there were lots of kids who were crying and weren't really doing what they were supposed to either.  I know, I was day 1...

His first ever touch on the ball in a game!
 I was reminded once more (I have a feeling I will be reminded a LOT in my journey with Colin) that I need to slow down and just have patience.  This WAS Colin's first time playing soccer on a team AND he IS only 4 years old.  He certainly wasn't the only one with an attention span that was lacking.  I was also reminded that Colin has always been an observer first and then with time, he picks things up and learns them in his own time.  By the end of the day, I was really proud of Colin for participating in his first EVER day of soccer (and a bit exasperated as well after chasing after him so much!).  He had short periods of time where he was involved and following directions so we'll just hope for longer periods next time!

It was also fun to find a buddy from Colin's school on his team as well!  They were such cuties together!

And then just a few clips of the day...


Adrienne said...

Omg, he is so cute! I love this! I think it's great that ya'll have him in soccer! Good job Colin!!

Jenny said...

He looked so sharp out there, he is so handsome! Can't wait to see how he does as time goes on. This was really fun to read.

Deborah said...

Love! We are a soccer family, and it is always so funny to watch the kids when they first start. My now-5 year old played exactly one season when she was 3, and she hated it! She would practice (sort of), but was terrified of being on the field for a game with all those people watching her. The fact that Colin got out there and ran around is AWESOME. My 8 year old, on the other hand, has played since he was 4, and it's been a great experience. He's not a natural athlete, but he's been on the same team for years and knows the kids and has improved his game tremendously. I can't wait till Ben is old enough to get out there and try it!

jackie said...

he is adorable and doing what a lot of the other kids were doing, running all over and having fun, eventually they will all get the hang of the game of "soccer" and you will be at the soccer field for years to come!!