Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"He's Come a Long Way"

Today was a very busy day with Colin.  He had public school, day care preschool, OT, feeding therapy AND fitness night at school.  At both feeding therapy and fitness night, I was told that Colin has "come a long way" from where he was before.  Compliments like that feel really good as a parent!  

Miss Josie at feeding therapy was so excited to show me a video she took today of Colin.  As you know, Colin only eats 4 things: cottage cheese with berries, yogurt, vanilla pudding and vanilla ice cream.  Lately, he has shown interest in trying some other things here and there, but nothing consistent yet.  Occasionally, he will have some pizza, but that's not on a consistent basis either.  Miss Josie has been working on getting Colin to try some other things and simply get him Ok with touching, playing, licking, kissing, etc. new foods.  She recently tried chocolate pudding because essentially it was the same thing, but Colin refused.  However, today, he made a mess with it AND ate it!

Even small accomplishments like this one are REALLY big ones in our house!  He really seemed into it today!  Miss Josie told me from day one that she never forces kids to do anything they don't want to do, but certainly has methods for making progress.  She knows that Colin just needs a good motivator to make progress and she is right with that one! Yay for progress!

Later tonight, Colin had fitness night at the PLC, which is the school that houses the kindergartners in our district in combination with Colin's school (EEC).  We participated in this last year literally a week or two after Colin had started preschool.  The night was set up as 8 minute stations with different tasks like aerobics, obstacle course, yoga, running, ab workout, "rest" with fruit water, food identification and more activities.  I remembered that Colin had fun last year but I honestly didn't think too much about it.  

I am disappointed that I was only able to get these 2 pictures of Colin at his very first station (I participatd with him the rest of the time) because he did so well tonight following directions and completing tasks.  The only things that he did not want to do were the things that were really hard for him (like aerobics using the steppers).  4-5 teachers came up to me from the other school to tell me that they remembered Colin from last year and couldn't believe how far he had come. I was so proud of my little boy!  I realized at one point that I was beaming so big my cheeks hurt!

I am thankful for little reminders like this tonight in just how far he has come!

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FirePhoto23 said...

Yay on the chocolate pudding... My son has severe feeding issues too and when he tries something new, I am over the moon!!!! It may seem like a little thing to most people, but we get it here!!! Go Colin!!!