Monday, April 22, 2013

The Celebrations

Our kids have been REALLY lucky when it has come to celebrating their birthdays this year!  It's been a busy month enjoying Colin and Kailey and the fact they are turning a year older.  They were surprisingly good when it came to their birthdays this year, especially in being patient for each other's birthday.  Both of them were willing to have the other help open their presents or would sit patiently waiting and watching. Both have been really excited for the other and have loved being sung to.  

After celebrating Kailey's birthday the day of, we had a joint birthday party with family and close friends a few weeks ago.  

What was really funny when it came time to sing happy birthday was the fact that Kailey was REALLY shy and had a funny look on her face the whole time.  Colin LOVED the spotlight and even showed how much he loved it after everyone cheered when he blew out the candles.  

This past Friday night, we ended up having a pizza party at our house with Colin's friends from his public school class and daycare class.  We decided to have it because Colin has been invited to quite a few parties from his classes and we thought it might be fun to meet some new kids and parents and celebrate with Colin. This was our first "kid" party and it was fun!  In total, we had 16 kids, including Colin and Kailey with at least one parent for each child.  They weren't into the pizza part because they were having so much fun playing, but they really enjoyed singing and having the ice cream cake/cupcakes.  

Now, I regret to say that I was awful with picture taking at this party mostly because I wanted to make sure that everything was going smoothly since it was a bit hectic and because I never really thought about it in the moment (of course AFTER the fact I did).  Colin's daycare friends took a group picture together and I must say that it melted my heart to see him posing with his friends that he's been with since the infant room.  They are clearly comfortable with each other so it was cute to see.  He had a few friends from the public school so it was fun to meet new parents and see him interact with those friends as well.  All in all I would say that it was a success!

Finally, ON Colin's birthday, we took the kids to the boardwalk to go on some rides.  It was a PERFECT day for it because the boardwalk was pretty deserted so we didn't have to wait and the kids could go on and off whatever ride they wanted.  They definitely have their preferences.  I have so much fun watching them this year because they just laugh and giggle as they ride the rides.  

We capped the day off with some birthday ice cream and playing in the driveway.  We had a lot of fun celebrating with the kids this year.  The key for us was making it fun but keeping it as simple as possible.  What a fun few weeks!

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