Monday, January 26, 2015

Progress in Karate

Enrolling Colin in Karate this year has been one of the best decisions Chris and I have made for him.  We seem to have found something Colin REALLY loves, keeps his focus on for an entire 30-40 minutes, and is a class that additionally focuses on following directions, building strength, self esteem, etc.  We are so happy with how it's going and even happier that we found such a great location in Paul Prendergast Karate and group of teachers to work with him. I honestly can't say enough about the main two teachers who have been working his class with him.   They have such patience, know how to really push him to work hard yet recognize when they may need to back off or reevaluate that moment, and are incredibly motivational. He consistently looks forward to each class and even today when Chris told him it was cancelled because of the snow said "but dad, I want to go!".  I'm not sure if the two are related, but we have seen a nice improvement in his behavior at home where we've been able to back off the visual schedule and other strategies we had been using on a regular basis.  He has made such positive progress and is headed soon for his first test. 

Below is a sampling of short videos from the last class that Chris took Colin to.  It's amazing to me to see some of the things he has been doing! I think the last one is my favorite!


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