Thursday, January 8, 2015

Colin's Eating Progress

In the past few months, we have been seeing some really nice progress with Colin and his feeding therapy, and even greater progress in the past week.  He has been attending feeding therapy one time a week with a GREAT therapist and he has always been very receptive to her and her methods.  She has always stressed pushing Colin without forcing the food into his mouth.  On a daily basis, Colin will still mainly eat cottage cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner with yogurt, pudding and ice cream as snacks/dessert.  He will have a string cheese or fruit snacks on occasion as well.  We can occasionally throw in pizza or pasta if we are all eating together.  One of the things Colin's therapist has been working with is a sandwich with cheese with various different lunch meats.  He will eat an entire half of a sandwich with her, but we haven't quite been able to bring it home yet.  He's also been eating apple sauce and chicken nuggets with her.  After a great day with her on Tuesday eating all of his chicken nuggets, he asked for EGGS after his breakfast (Kailey has one every day) and then ate a chicken nugget with me at dinner time. 

He loves the praise for eating and is so proud of himself when we cheer him on for eating really well.  In addition to those great moments, I have been sending a string cheese and fruit snacks with a yogurt for his snack after school and he's been eating that for the teacher at the daycare.  He's never really eaten it anywhere but home, or this often, so that is exciting too.  I'm going to try apple sauce for his snack there after shopping this weekend.  Watching Colin chew is interesting because it does take some work for him to chew more challenging objects and he is still building the muscles to be able to do it.  We are so proud!


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