Saturday, January 10, 2015

Floor Hockey Clinic with SONJ

Today was the Special Olympics of NJ annual Floor Hockey Tournament that was held at Stockton College.  Last year was the first year that we attended and we had fun doing it so we decided to do it again this year.  Colin had his Special Olympics gear on and was ready to go this morning!

He is always so excited when he knows he is participating in a Special Olympics event (he even asked me at 3am when he got up to go to the bathroom if it was time to go). 

Last year Colin was a little grumpy so his participation wasn't great but this year, he did a really nice job working with the volunteers.  He always seems to hit a wall around the 25/30 minute mark in all activities he does which did happen today but then he was back at it again here and there through the rest of our time there.

Just like always, Kailey was able to participate too (we love unified sports!) and she had fun as well!

This was just a short snippet from today because I was constantly checking to make sure I had all 3 kids in the same place!

Another fun SONJ event! #genuinejerseypride

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