Monday, January 12, 2015

Cody is 4 Months!

Our little man Cody is 4 months old today and it's been such a fun (and fast!) time with him.  He has changed a lot over the past month and he's become so interactive with us.  
While I'm not sure of his exact measurements (he was supposed to have his 4 month check up today but we had to reschedule), I am pretty sure he's made some big gains in terms of weight and length since we were last in the office.  

He's a pretty happy baby most of the time (don't test him when he's ready to eat) and is really easy going.  He is easily amused by Colin and Kailey (which is encouraging for the future when he gets older!) and is starting to really reach for, grab, and play with his toys. 

This has been a big month for Cody because with my return to work last Monday, he also started school.  It's been a really easy transition for him (probably harder for me!) and he has adjusted well.  His teacher at school has said that he's been very easy going (which makes me so proud!). 

While he is on a schedule, I am having trouble fine tuning it.   He just started getting into a routine of eating cereal and a fruit mid-morning (this comes after a bottle when waking around 5:30).  Depending on when he gets to school and if he is awake or not, it typically is around 9/9:30.  This breakfast has shifted his other bottles of the day and with the attempted addition of a dinner, they're off schedule from what we've been used to.  I know we will figure it out, it's just so difficult this time around because of the busyness of the other two and their activities after school.

His fussiest times of the day come when he is either hungry or tired (mostly tired).  He hasn't proven to be a good napper just yet unless we are traveling in the car, but thankfully, he is sleeping through the night so I'll take that over the napping.

We all love Cody so much and are so thankful for what he has brought to our family. 

 We can't wait to see what the next month will bring!



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