Thursday, August 13, 2009

Therapy Update

Colin had developmental therapy today with D and it went pretty well. He had his friends Meredith and Mo there to watch him! He was very happy, smiley and talkative with D, but wasn't as interested in grabbing toys today. As she said, and as I figured, we don't always feel like doing the same things every time, so I guess he just wasn't in the mood to grab at his toys the way he is supposed to. He would still reach for different toys that she would hold up for him, but he would lose interest pretty quickly.

Colin and D sang songs today (he was much happier to perform these activities) and Colin was very happy to sing "The Wheels on the Bus", "Old McDonald", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", and "If you're Happy and you Know it". Colin would even make some noises after she would sing as though he was singing with her! She told us that it's really good that he is imitating now (blowing kisses and making raspberries with his mouth) because it's really good for communicating and language development. It's funny because we have been trying some other sounds for him to imitate and you can tell that he is trying, but hasn't quite figured out how to make a different sound.

I feel myself smiling from ear to ear when I watch Colin during therapy because he is always happy and tries hard to do what he is supposed to do. I'm devastated because I will be missing some sessions due to student teaching and work (*sigh*) but it's something I have to do in order to make things better for our family (hopefully switching to teaching). Colin's daddy will be there with him...I will be there in spirit to support him!

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