Thursday, August 27, 2009

Developmental Therapy Update

Colin had developmental therapy today with D and it's been 2 weeks since they've last seen each other! Unfortunately, mommy had to work today (sniff. sniff.) so she wasn't able to be there for it, but thankfully, daddy thought ahead and took some pictures!!

As per Daddy, Colin was excellent today! He reported that D used the word exceptional because of how well Colin did today! They worked on tummy time (which he tolerated well), sitting in the bumbo seat, sang songs, read a book together, and more. In D's words "Colin is going to steal hearts with his smile!"

I can see why she says that with this picture!

Colin and D also read a book together...

...and on reaching and grabbing toys in supported positions. Colin still needs work with his right hand because he definitely pays more attention to his left!

They also tried Colin's Baby Einstein activity center, but he isn't quite big enough to really sit it in it appropriately. Colin seemed interested though!

After every therapy visit, the therapists write out a progress report for the parents and this is what D wrote today...

"Today I met with Colin and Mr. Tobin. Colin did a great job!! He tolerated tummy time, reached with both hands (with a little prompting) and had lots of smiles! Colin also enjoyed sitting in the Bumbo seat. Today we read a book and sang some songs. Continue to work on reaching, especially with his right hand!"

...tomorrow: Physical therapy update!

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Ria said...

Hi! Found your blog via the link that Rebecca Phong posted on facebook. Colin is a cutie! And yes, he will definitely melt and steal hearts with that super duper smile.
I have a son who will be 2 in October. He was diagnosed with Down syndrome after he was born.
I'll be following your blog in my reader and looking forward to reading more. :-)