Sunday, August 9, 2009

Many, Many Blessings!

God bless Colin and Chris!

It truly was an honor today to be present for both my husband and my son's baptism. They make me so proud! It is so nice to be part of a church community where we feel so welcomed and comfortable...baptism means so much more to us to know we will be raising our child in this type of community. It is especially meaningful because we have a close relationship with our pastor and others in the church.

It was also an interesting perspective for me to put myself in my parents shoes to witness the baptism of my son, when 28 years ago they stood up in front of their church and did the same thing with me. Colin was blessed to have many generations of family and friends there to celebrate the day with him.
We look forward to raising Colin in His ways...

Thank you Pastor Bill for a beautiful baptism for Colin and Chris!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! What a great day Baptism day was! To be blessed to have both father and son baptized the same day by the same pastor. Fantastic!! Love, Mrs. Mom/Nana