Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our "Thing"

Colin and I went on our first run together today in the jogging stroller! I must say that it is MUCH more difficult than it looks! I took Colin to the reservoir which is 1.6 miles around (and completely flat!) and did 2 loops. I have to admit that I had to walk for a little bit (only about a minute), but I'm not that upset about it because running felt completely different pushing the stroller, trying to steer around turns (the wheel in front doesn't actually turn), and trying to get used to not being able to pump my arms. My breathing actually felt like I hadn't run in months when I started. I give those people a lot of credit that push older children who are heavier, and push them uphill!

All that being said, I look forward to the challenge and to improving! I also look forward to this becoming Colin's and my "thing"! I can see it now: running the Lavallette 5 mile race next June and finishing it with Colin. Now won't that be an accomplishment!
Here is my buddy and I after I finished the run...Chris surprised us at the reservoir as we finished up!

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