Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Not Cap'n Crunch, but it's a Start!

Colin ate rice for the first time (using his new spoon with his name on it from Nana and Grandad!) on Saturday with breakfast! He was such a good boy because he ate all of it! His face after his first few bites looked like he didn't like it, but he still ate the whole amount and has continued to do so at subsequent meals! He definitely seems to enjoy eating more like a big boy than he does with the bottle!

Here is Colin all ready to try rice for the first time!

This is what Colin's face looked like after trying the rice for the first time...

...and here he is with some rice on his face (and notice the rice in his hair!).

The he showed us he's a big boy and held the spoon all by himself (he's also trying to make raspberries with his mouth...spraying us in this picture!)!

Trying the rice wore him out! He had to take a break before he could finish his bottle!

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Natalia said...

:) So sweet!!!