Sunday, August 30, 2009

Physical Therapy Update

This update is per Daddy, Nana and Grandad because unfortunately I couldn't be there because of work...

Colin did very well! K was happy with Colin's progress with holding his head up and tummy time. It's amazing that in such a short time, Colin has come a long way! I was looking through videos today of Colin at 1 and 2 months old during tummy time. Colin was able to hold his head for periods of time, but not at all in the way that he does now.

This is how well he does on tummy time now!

In this position, K worked on rolling and reaching for toys so we have some new maneuvers to practice. She also has Colin work on rolling from side-lying. Sometimes he will roll onto his tummy from side-lying on his own, but other times we assist him by applying gentle downward pressure on his hips causing him to "pop" his head. He starts from this position:

Some skills Colin needs to continue to work on:

- Tummy time as much as tolerated to continue to strengthen his neck muscles.

- Using a towel roll under his right shoulder to assist his right arm to reach towards objects when lying on his back. He can grab objects with his right hand, but for some reason, his left arm dominates causing his right upper arm to stay down towards the ground when on his back.

- Rolling from tummy to back and from side-lying positions.

K wants to increase Colin's visits from two times a month to every week, not because Colin is falling behind, but to make sure he is staying on pace. Chris and I are actually very happy about this because we want Colin to stay on track and it also helps us to know what to work on.

Fortunately, K let Grandad videotape the physical therapy session so that I could watch it later on. It was a big help because then I am able to know exactly what and how I should work on the exercises and it allows me to see what I was unable to be there for (sniff. sniff.).

Because of that, Chris, Colin and I had a great "play" session today together!

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Lauran Platt said...

Great job with all your therapists, Colin! Keep working hard! I love how you sit in your chair and in your bumbo! Enjoy that cereal!