Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Physical Therapy Update

Colin had his physical therapy session today and did very well! In fact, he did so well, that he exhausted himself and cried himself to sleep afterwards (he had even taken a nap prior to the session).

While I enjoy physical therapy to see all that Colin accompishes, it does make me a little uneasy because we are reminded of weaknesses. However, I know they are just things to work on which we will continue to do (of course).


Colin did extremely well with his "rolling" activities. The therapist (K) would lay him on his side in side-lying position and see which way he would roll towards. He performs this differently depending on the side he is on. If he rolls to his stomach, she showed us how to assist him to get onto his stomach and then he lifts his head up from that position. If he rolls onto his back, then we put him back onto his side and start the process again. What made this a highlight was that Colin would roll from his side to his stomach, lift his head, then push himself back to his side so he could roll onto his back. The therapist was very happy with how well Colin could perform this activity. She showed us how to start to put him into a position so he will eventually start to extend his arms on his tummy.

Colin showed her how well he can lift and hold his head on his tummy...and then also look around while doing all of this. He tolerates this activity much more.

He was very attentive to K today and showed her how happy he is most of the time. He was talking to her throughout the session and she loved it! She mentioned today that she wished she saw him on a weekly basis! (Who wouldn't want to see him on a weekly basis..he's a cutie!)

Things to continue to work on:

Even though Colin is doing much better with holding his head up when lifting him from his back by holding his hands, he did not show K how well he could do it today. She told us that she felt he was distracted by the overhead light (in trying to make me feel better). She also said that even though he didn't do so well with this activity, she felt that it was ok because he was being so attentive to everything around him.

We also need to continue to work on supporting Colin in a seated position so that he holds his head up while sitting (he loves doing this because he can look around at everyone).

At the end of the session, K made sure we all clapped and cheered for Colin for how well he performed.

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