Sunday, April 12, 2015

The End of Spring Break

Following up our bit of a torturous doctor's visit on Thursday, was another semi-torturous visit to the dentist on Friday morning.  It is the ONLY doctor that Colin doesn't go willingly and the only place he is not happily cooperating with the doctor's commands.  In his defense, his mouth is still the one place that is the most sensitive and probably weakest area in terms of muscle strength so there are just so many reasons why he is not ok with a checkup.  I think he would have been ok this time except they started off with an attempt at an x-ray and he just got nervous and did not like the nurse trying to shove those pieces into his mouth.  Kailey, on the other hand, is completely ok with everything asked of her and did great with all of it.  Thankfully Chris was with us so that was a big help. 

Later that night after Karate class, we went to our first BlueClaws game of the season.  They were so excited to see Daddy and watch the game and it actually was a pretty nice night.  There are some new logistics for me to work out now that we have Cody with us but overall, went pretty well.

Since it was our first game of the season, I offered them their favorite treats there and happened to get Kailey's popcorn first.  When we went to go and get Colin's ice cream, the machines were out of order.  While he handled it ok, I felt terrible so we left a little earlier than we would have and got some on the way home.  I let them snuggle in our bed to watch their show before sending them off to bed.

Saturday morning brought with it the first day of soccer which Colin has been talking about for WEEKS now.  He's been so excited and we were hopeful that this time would go better than our attempts in the past, especially since he and Kailey are on the same team. We got their gear on Friday and they happily got dressed on  Saturday morning. 

It went so well and we were so proud of Colin and the progress he had made.  Kailey, on the other hand, did great until she got increasingly tired and then became more weepy over little things (she got bumped, she didn't get a "turn" with the ball during the game, etc.).  We have to work on that a little bit but otherwise, we were really happy with the day.
Later that afternoon, the kids and I just played around outside until Chris got home, we had dinner, and then surprised them with a trip to the boardwalk.  They were so excited and are so good, even when we tell them it's time to go.   I have so much fun watching them enjoy themselves and that night was a really great way to end the week. 

Colin tried out the "big" roller coaster and loved it! I really think he's going to be our little thrill seeker.  Kailey even gave the smaller one a go and was really "brave" as she bragged.

Today, Colin had a birthday party so Kailey and Cody hung out with Aunt Kimmy, Nana, and Granddad at the beach.  After Colin's party was over, we spent a few hours playing together and it was nice to have some alone time.

And in MORE exciting news, we decided to break out Colin's "big boy bike" which he hadn't tried since he got it for Christmas. He had gotten so frustrated and upset then because he couldn't quite figure it out.  However, he got the pedals going today and I was SO PROUD of his progress!

Typically at this point of a break, I am almost ready to go back because it typically has been exhausting.  However, I have truly enjoyed my time this week spent with the kids and am sad to go back and leave the fun behind.  However, it's been a week of some pretty great memories which I am very thankful to have gotten...

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