Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Colin!

Today, our beautiful little boy turns 6 and it's hard to believe that our once tiny little guy is turning into the handsome, happy, talkative, active, and funny boy that he is.  We were profoundly changed the day he entered into our lives and because of him, we will never be the same. While we have spent the past 6 years watching him grow and change, we have also been changing ourselves. We have learned what it means to be patient, to appreciate everything (even the little things), and to fight for what's right for Colin even if it means it is emotional and hard for us. We believe in Colin, we know he is capable of anything, and we will ALWAYS make sure he has every opportunity to shine. 

In the past 6 years, Colin has come so far and has really been making some big gains in the past two months.  He is talking in full sentences most of the time and when we don't understand something he is saying, he tries really hard to make sure we do. He has come a long way since the school year started in terms of math concepts and counting and is working really hard on learning sight words and other literacy concepts.  He has also been writing with improved strength and coloring within specific boundaries. These were things that were extremely challenging at the beginning of the year.

While Colin is social and happy and willing to talk to most, the skills needed to have a prolonged conversation and actively play with other children have been slow to come, but they have been coming. His biggest teacher for this has been Kailey along with his classmates from school. He is learning social rules and boundaries and has made a lot of progress.

He has always been active, but this year he has picked up Karate and now soccer.  At home, he is constantly asking to play some sport activity like baseball, basketball or soccer.  He is also always choosing sports on TV over any of his other favorite shows. His common phrase to us is "will you play ____ with me" and it's typically some sport activity he's asking us to play. He is riding a big boy bike now and while he is wobbly, he will only get better from here.

He has always been, and continues to be, a learner through observing.  While it may not seem like he is participating, he always watches first and then will eventually try whatever it is he is watching. He doesn't always feel comfortable or confident to try anything he is unsure of, but that's why observation is so important for him because he just needs time before he is ready.   

That is the key for Colin...he just needs TIME and he will be ready.


We have been enjoying his sense of humor and the laughter that fills a room when he is happy. He is one of the most polite kids you will ever meet as he uses his please and thank yous for everything he does and asks for. Just the other day at his birthday party, he got Chris' and my attention while he was eating his birthday cake and said thank you to both of us.  He wasn't specific on what he was thanking us for, but in that moment, Chris and I knew he was happy.

We have learned SO MANY things this year because of Colin and we will continue to learn for him. We are so thankful for him and his love and for the extra dose of special he has brought to our lives.

Happy 6th birthday to our beautiful little boy...we love you more than words can describe! 

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