Tuesday, April 28, 2015


This morning turned out to be a pretty challenging morning, but not for the reasons you would think. In the midst of getting lunches packed, bags ready for school and getting myself ready, Colin decided that he needed to get ready so that he could go to "Karate, BlueClaws, the pool, and then school". Although I had already had a shirt on him for school, he got another shirt on over that, his pants on, one shoe, and Kailey's BlueClaws hat. We kept telling him over and over again that he wasn't going to any of those places, just school, but he was working really hard to convince us otherwise. 

Once he was dressed, he made his way to the bathroom where he appropriately loaded up his toothbrush with toothpaste, brushed his teeth, and then went to the bathroom.

Once he was done with that, he got Kailey's backpack and kept telling us where he was going.  I went to go and get changed for work when I heard the front door open and so I had to throw on a shirt and go and remind him that he wasn't actually going to the BlueClaws and he could only go outside with us.  I finished changing and when I came out, he had on a different pair of sneakers, socks on and was loading up the backpack with more items.

He was really read to go once he had the Spiderman wrapping paper in the bag and then he was off.
We are so proud of this newfound independence that Colin has been finding lately (although it's not always easy) because a lot of these things he's been doing have taken him awhile to get here.  What's exciting too is that these are things he really wants to do; they are things he is really working really hard at so that he can do them.  

"Take your child to work day" at my school
We are so proud of this guy (although it did make for a challenging morning!).

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Angela said...

Great to hear that Colin is so independent, just wondered if he is totally toilet trained yet as you mentioned him taking himself to the bathroom?