Friday, April 17, 2015

Cody is 7 Months!

Every time I sit down to write one of these updates, I immediately want to say things like "I can't believe Cody is 7 months old" or "time is flying by" because it is! Our little man is no longer the baby that he JUST was not that long again.  It's also amazing to me how much he is changing so quickly.  It feels like we go through little lulls and then all of a sudden, he hits a spurt where so many things are happening at the same time. 

A little bit after Cody turned 6 months, we took him for his well visit (actually, it was probably closer to his 7 month birthday) and he weighed in at 18 pounds and 27 inches long.  He is our biggest baby at this age and he feels quite solid! We were expecting to get his 6 month vaccines however, we learned that he had an ear infection (first one ever in our family!) and so we are still waiting for to get those.  

In the past month, Cody has become quite mobile in that he is rolling farther distances and when he is on his stomach, he is scooting himself backwards.  He hasn't quite figured out getting onto his knees yet, but we are TOTALLY ok with this because we aren't quite ready for him to be more mobile. He also just started sitting independently in the past few weeks so overall, that has made him happier because he can interact more and see everything he wants to see. 

Overall, his demeanor is pretty happy and easy going, although he does have his moments.  He is almost always smiling (even when he had an ear infection that we didn't even notice!) and his laugh is quite infectious when he being tickled or entertained by Colin and Kailey. He LOVES when Colin and Kailey play with him and it almost looks like he's trying to get in on the action the way he watches them so intently sometimes.  Some of my most favorite times are when the 3 of them are all giggling at each other in the backseat of the car.

He is babbling and making different sounds quite a bit, but the most popular babble is "dada". He makes noises when he is content and eating to the point I can almost hear him saying "mmmm, this is so good". He is an excellent eater and we are very slowly introducing him to different types of textures and table foods.  He has tried ice cream a few times and smacks his lips to get every last drop off of them.

His fussiest time of the day is the end of the day and that is typically because he is tired and ready for bed by 6:30. That makes it challenging because we don't often get home until 6pm at the earliest due to the kids' activities. He is pretty much asleep within minutes after being put to bed and then sleeps through the night until about 6/6:30, sometimes 7 everyday.

He has already figured out that the camera is always out in our family and has learned like the rest of them that you better smile for mom and dad.

We love our little Cody man and all of the things he has brought to our family.  He has definitely made things interesting at times, but what child hasn't? We look forward to what the next month will bring us!

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