Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break Part 2

Since I find that we all tend to "get in trouble" more when we are home for longer stretches, I was looking for inexpensive and simple things to do.  I remembered that the YMCA down the street from us had a covered pool so I looked up their family swim times and they happened to do a "family swim" each day of spring break.  We took the kids on Tuesday and then back again on Thursday and they LOVED it.  It was perfect because one section of the pool is only 2 feet and then leads into a 3 foot section so I was able to take them alone on Thursday and not have to get in with them.  

When we were there on Tuesday we were basically the only ones in the pool and on Thursday it was packed.  However, even though there were so many people there, there was so much pool it was still great.  It was such a nice thing to have available for the kids.

Later on Tuesday night after dinner, we took the kids for a "treat" to the ice cream store.  Typically, every time we go, Colin only gets a cup of vanilla but that night, he asked for vanilla AND chocolate.  Just tolerating chocolate used to be a big deal but he actually asked to EAT vanilla and chocolate together.  It's been so great watching Colin's personality evolving lately because so many cute things have been happening.  Chris didn't want any ice cream that night so he went and got a table.  After I paid and we all had our ice cream, Colin realized Chris didn't have any.  He got up from the table and tried to wait on line so that he could order Chris some of his own ice cream.  It was too cute! 

Cody has been learning already that Mom and Dad come wielding a camera at all times.  He gets the "smile for the camera" command and is fitting in well with his brother and his sister.  He knows how to ham it up already!

On Wednesday, the kids all went to the daycare for a little bit because Chris and I had an appointment in North Jersey.  Colin and Kailey were excited to go to school together and had a great time as they got to play together in the morning after arriving.  They were happily chatting about their day and smiling for a picture to send to Daddy when I picked them up. 

On Thursday, Cody and Kailey had their 4 year old and 6 month (late) checkups.  They were both supposed to get shots that day but after giving a rundown of what Cody has been up to lately, I also mentioned that he had been a tad bit fussy over the course of the last week. I attributed it to teething because he had been wanting much more attention, was drooling/spitting up/pooping more than normal, and just wasn't as easy going as normal.  It turns out, he had an ear infection! That was the first ear infection any of my kids ever had! It was crazy to me because he never had a fever and never acted like it was his ear.  The doctor was surprised as well because he said 50% of kids have an ear infection by 6 months and 90% have one by 2 years old and Colin and Kailey both managed to escape any (knock on wood). 


Since Cody had the infection, he didn't get his vaccines.  Kailey, on the other hand, received four and you would have thought the worst possible scenario at the way she screamed at the top of her lungs.  It was so bad, Colin became increasingly nervous, his lip quivered, and then he started crying because of it.  Kailey literally screamed for an entire HOUR after her vaccines.

However, later that night (and after the pool), we managed to regroup and become happy again.  

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE following your family and this blog! The pictures are beautiful and make it like a wonderful have such a wonderful way with your children. It's a blessing for you to allow us to watch them grow and blossom. Thank you!!! Eileen Opfer