Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kailey's First Day of School

Today was Kailey's first day of school and she couldn't have been more excited.  

She has been talking about school and walking around the house with a backpack filled with random stuff (I dumped out pretend kitchen food, blocks, papers, Toy Story 2 DVD, books, and various other items) and a pretend lunch box for weeks now.  She has been asking about it, telling us what she was going to do, and talking about how excited she is. 

We weren't sure how this week was going to play out because of the fact my due date was yesterday, but I'm glad in the end I was able to be here to see my big (little) girl head off to school today.  She seemed far older than her 3 year old self really is and was just so excited this morning. 


The only down side is that in being here for her first day I may be missing Colin's first day of Kindergarten (which I will be a wreck over).  It's also been hard explaining to Colin that he's not going until Thursday when we are getting Kailey ready and excited for her.  We've been talking about school so much with him to lessen the potential transition difficulties, but he's been excited talking about it that I think he will be ok. 

After an adorable goodbye between Colin and Kailey, and then Kailey and Daddy, we were off for Kailey's first day.  The whole way over there she kept asking where her school was and telling me all of the things she was going to be doing while she was there. 

My big (little) girl carried her stuff in, went right into her classroom, and was ready to start her day.  Until I sought her out, she wasn't even going to say goodbye to me!  (I'll take that over a clinging, crying child any day which I've definitely had in the past!)
I am so proud of her and can't wait to hear all about her day.  Our little girl is growing up!

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