Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kindergarten Orientation

Last night, Colin had his official Kindergarten orientation where he had the opportunity to meet some other kids from his class and sit at the tables with the other students.  It was nice for us that we had already been there because even after one previous visit, he already knew the names of some of the staff members (we've been practicing) and the school wasn't a surprise to him.  It made me laugh because when we walked in, he was already greeted by name and he went right up to everyone to shake hands to say hi.  

The orientation was geared more towards the parents in that the principal spoke about the school for about 30 minutes and then the teacher spoke to the parents in the classroom for the second 30 minutes.  Colin was on his best behavior and sat quietly and listened while the principal spoke.  I was also excited because there are two boys who are twins that live on our street that also attend our church and are in Colin's Sunday school class (which is interesting as it is because we don't go to church in the town that we live in) so he is already familiar with them.  While he isn't always understood, he IS trying to communicate with the staff when asked questions and while he needed a little bit of guidance from me at his table, was able to ask the other students for the crayons and for specific colors.  I really feel that as the staff and students get to know Colin a little bit better, they will be able to understand him better when he communicates with them. 

While listening to the teacher speak, I also had the opportunity to observe Colin while he sat at the table with the other students.  She had put some drawing papers on the desk with crayons and other supplies and I watched him see what the other kids were doing and then do it as well.  I was even impressed because typically he's all over the place but last night, he was more deliberate in coloring specific things.  He sat at the table the entire time and only got a little bit antsy at the end (in his defense it was already his bedtime and he hadn't had a nap after a busy day).  I think it will definitely be a change for him in terms of the demeanor of this year's teacher versus last year but just like anyone, he will need to adjust to a different personality.  She spoke about having high expectations for all of her students, which we do as well, so I am looking forward to what will *hopefully*, *fingers crossed*, be a great year for him.


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