Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Golf Clinic

Yesterday, Chris and Colin had a pretty neat opportunity to participate in a golf clinic at Baltusrol Golf Club, one of the most famous golf courses in NJ and one which has hosted the US Open.  The golf clinic was put on by the NJ Golf Foundation and was offered to Special Olympics of NJ Young Athletes. 

We were excited at the opportunity because most recently, Colin has been expressing a real interest in golf.  A few weeks ago, when one of the golf tournaments was on TV in the morning, Colin was asking to watch that instead of his usual morning shows and would watch for at least an hour.  He's also been seeking out his plastic golf clubs in the backyard and hitting the balls around when given the opportunity.   

After arriving, lunch was provided on the patio (Colin may be the only one to have ever eaten cottage cheese as a meal at Baltusrol Golf Club) and then they were taken for their clinic to one of the practice putting greens. 

The clinic was broken up into two different stations; chipping/pitching at one and putting at the other and was run by Brian, the club professional and two others.  In addition, Kevin Foley, PGA tour professional (a NJ native) was also there participating in the event. 

The kids were taught how to "put the hot dog in the bun" (holding the golf club) and then "tick tock" (swinging to hit the ball).  Colin really enjoyed himself and was a really good listener.  In addition, he even told Chris when he had to go to the bathroom so they were able to run inside and make it in time (almost just as exciting for me as the golf clinic itself!).

Chris caught a little bit of it on video too...

IMG 1390 from Kelli Tobin on Vimeo.

 It was a really great event put on for the Special Olympics Young Athletes and it was really nice to expose Colin to something that may actually be something he really enjoys in the future.  We are looking forward to more opportunities for golf events that will most likely be offered by the Special Olympics of NJ in the future.  We are really thankful to the Special Olympics, NJ Golf Foundation, Baltusrol Golf Club (and employees), PGA professional Kevin Foley and to Jason Kahn, News 12 NJ sports reporter for putting on and highlighting such a great event! 
Link to News 12 NJ sports report (Chris and Colin can be found at the 3 min. mark of the video): http://newjersey.news12.com/multimedia/new-jersey-sportscast-08-04-1.8964880

Overall it was a great event and a really successful day!

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