Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fantastic Weekend with Friends

This weekend we had our annual beach weekend with our good friends, the Gallagher family.  It's always fun to get all of the kids together for an extended period of time and although it wasn't exactly the beach weekend we were anticipating, we still had fun nonetheless.  Fortunately for the first day, the weather held out and we were able to get a good amount of time on the beach while it was still nice.  
Through a good part of the afternoon it rained and a little bit during dinner (we would have loved to have eaten out on the patio that overlooks the water) but we took that considering it cleared up for a visit to the boardwalk afterwards AND it kept a lot of the crowds away. 

At the boardwalk, the kids had a lot of fun on the rides and playing games and it was nice because our kids tried some rides that they don't typically go on. 

That night was Kailey's first time on the roller coaster.  She kept telling Jorie that she was a little scared but there were no tears!

She also attempted the crazy bus ride which goes up in the air and then stays up there at one point for a minute but as you can tell from the series of pictures, she was not really a fan. 



After the rides, we got a treat and walked around for a little bit to tire them all out (which thankfully worked because bed time went pretty smoothly!).

Unfortunately, Saturday was pretty much a wash out day for the beach, but we did attempt to go bowling which was a new activity for my kids.  It turned out to be a lot of fun and it allowed the kids to play pretty independently which was really nice for both them and us. 

Seriously, there's not much cuter than kids in bowling shoes!

As it is evidenced by some of the pictures, the kids had a LOT of fun and it's nice to know we have something else to try and do in the future!



Later that afternoon, the kids watched a movie together and we spent some time at the playground before dinner.  Despite the lack of cooperation of the weather, we still had a lot of fun!

Thanks guys for another great weekend!!  And as always, thanks Jorie for the great pictures all weekend!

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