Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tiny Dancer

Earlier in the summer out of nowhere, Kailey started asking us to go to dance class.  She was even showing us some ballet dance moves and saying things like "this is how we do this, mom and you hold your leg like this".  We assumed she must have been picking it up on one of the shows she watches because she had otherwise not been exposed to any sort of dance class.  I had always had it in my head that I wanted her to at least try it at some point so I started looking around at local dance schools to sign her up.  

After finding a school that fit our schedule once I go back to work, I took her to sign her up and even had to purchase her a "uniform" that she would wear to class every week.  Words cannot begin to describe how excited she was to tell people that she was going to be starting dance class and every day she would ask me when she would get to go.  Well, the day finally arrived yesterday so we got her in her ballet "uniform" and I took her to class.  The teacher had the parents get involved to start since some of the girls were shy and timid but then eventually phased us out.  Kailey phased me out much more quickly than even the teacher phased us out (which I was thrilled about) and had a big beaming smile the ENTIRE time she participated.  It was absolutely adorable and the way she looked so happy and participated reiterated that this was a good decision for us to have her try it out.  Looking forward to seeing how much more she loves it each week!

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Anonymous said...

If like her Mom and Aunt Kim she will totally love it! I am guessing she is!