Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Today's post marks the milestone of 1,001 posts that I have written since I started this blog just over a month after Colin was born.  I only just discovered this number two posts ago on accident and it seemed like a little something for me to celebrate.  While I hadn't initially intended for this blog to become what it did, I have been so grateful for this outlet because it has chronicled the life of our family since Colin first came into it.  
Chris and I started out using this blog primarily as a way to share information about Colin as we navigated a new world of having a child with special needs but it very quickly turned into more than that.  After awhile, life was more than just about having a child with a disability; it was about family time and vacations, proud moments, challenges, smiles and laughter, events we participated in, and it was also about the daily things that can be difficult for anyone that has children.  We started sharing our life to show that it was defined by so much more than having a child with Down Syndrome.  Don't get me wrong, sharing the things related to the fact that Colin HAS Down Syndrome is incredibly beneficial as well because of a community of people I have found who can give advice, make suggestions, or sometimes just say "I get it". 

This journey that our family is on together is marked by lots of memorable events, but it's also filled with all of the little in between things that make every day something new, something great, and often times something really challenging.  I'm thankful to have this outlet so that I can share....because I do it for me, I do it to advocate for Colin, and I do it with hopes that maybe it can help someone else too, just like so many other blogs do for me.  Here's to 1,001 more posts about all of those moments that make our life together what it is...cheers!

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Jenny said...

Kelli, your blog is one of the few that I have faithfully followed for the past 4 1/2 years. I have been so thankful for everything you have shared, and continue to share. I love that you still update regularly even when you're busy. I always look forward to seeing what your family is up to.

And STILL no baby?!! lol