Monday, September 8, 2014


Chris and I have been really happy with Colin's first few days of school so far but I am trying to keep myself from becoming a crazy parent who writes a million notes and sending emails all of the time.  I know that he only just finished his third day of school but I am having a hard time without knowing more specific information from his day.  In all of the times that we met with the staff he will be working with, we stressed communication as being a key component for us so that we can reinforce everything at home.  We don't want to just reinforce the academic components, but also the social and behavioral aspects as well. 

The positives are that he is happy to go to school each day, he has been independent with getting on and off the bus (and according to him, putting on his seatbelt by himself), he's been happy when he comes home, he's been in the same clothes so the potty aspect must be going well, and I am already noticing a change in his communication in terms of telling us more.  These are all great positives and makes me feel confident about his day BUT there are other specifics that swirl around inside my head every day that I am struggling with because I don't know and am not getting an answer from Colin about.  For example, when I asked him today if he was a good listener I got a bunch of different things ranging from "yes" to something about it being "not nice" in connection to the playground, and telling me about rest time. 

I am a teacher myself so I understand that it can be challenging in a day to respond to parents immediately and I also understand that I am sure right now, I am not the only parent with questions.   A lot of parents are sending their kids to school for the first time and probably have a lot of the same anxieties that I do.  I am just having a hard time finding the balance between wanting to reach out too much but getting the information we need to help Colin since he is unable to fully communicate it himself. 

As part of Colin's IEP meeting, the staff had requested in June to do a 30 day meeting at the end of September/early October which we were completely open to anyway.  I know that will come on pretty quickly and am trying to be patient to give time because this is a transition for his teachers as well.  Inclusion is new to them in that school so I know they need time to figure things out as well. 

I know that I am having some anxieties because I want Colin to be successful and independent but know that he does need help.  I don't want to be a helicopter mom but don't want to pull back too far and then find out that something has been going on when it becomes difficult to correct.  I don't expect a narrative on every part of his day, but also need some assistance with any bit of positives and negatives to address at home. 

Sometimes in writing these blog posts it's a reminder to myself to address the things I already know but it also helps me purge some of my anxieties.  Plus, we all know I have a lot of extra time on my hands as I am 7 days late waiting for baby #3.  However, even though I know I need to be a little patient, I also know that I still need to be a proactive parent as well.  Hoping that as everyone gets into a routine we receive a little bit more feedback about his day. 

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