Monday, September 15, 2014

Welcome to the World Cody Allan Tobin!

On Friday, September 12th, our family welcomed to the world our little boy Cody Allan Tobin who surprised us by being 11 days late (and I still needed to be induced!).  He now completes our family by making us a family of 5 and adds a little brother for Colin and Kailey.  
Cody gets his own unique birth experience that compared very little to Colin and Kailey's, but that's what makes this guy special in his own way.  I can honestly tell you that aside from the surprise of finding out Cody's sex being memorable, Colin and Kailey's reaction to meeting their new brother was one of the best moments of my life.  Kailey is completely smitten and was so in shock to see him here in person and while Colin was excited, his attention span just lasted much less than Kailey's.  

They have both been extremely loving towards Cody and giving him lots of hugs and kisses.  Colin can be heard saying "awwww, cute baby" a lot while Kailey just asks to hold him all of the time. 

The funny thing with Kailey though is that she initially had to be convinced when told she had a new brother before coming to the hospital (she has always insisted she was having a sister).  After being told his name several times, she still walked in and asked for "Joe" which seemed to stick the first day a little bit but has now started to disappear.  We have no idea where that name came from.   We thought Cody's nickname was going to be Joe for a little while there. 

We were able to bring Cody home yesterday and even after just one day and night of being home I can assure you this will be an adjustment (for Chris and I!).  It's a little bit different having a sleepless night when there are two others with schedules and bus and school and needs.  I know once we are all in a routine we will all adjust and it will feel "normal".  


One of my biggest concerns was having Colin and Kailey woken in the middle of the night but so far they seem to be sleeping through which is good.  For the most part, while they know he is here, it's "business as usual".  
...but I am starting to see very quickly I have a little Mommy on my hands! 
Looking forward to our new family of 5 growing and changing with our beautiful little addition.  Chris and I are certainly blessed with the three greatest gifts we have ever been given!  


Jenny said...

So happy for you guys! He's a beautiful baby :)

Suze said...

Beautiful pics - he is absolutely precious!

Donna said...

Sweet baby, sweeter family!