Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The holidays have been in full swing around here with all of the different Christmas related events we have been participating in so far in December.  It's been a lot of fun with the kids because they really seem to "get" what's been going on.    Unfortunately, there seems to be a fear associated with Santa but they don't seem to mind him from afar.  We've seen Santa quite a few times now and each time the reaction is pretty much the same.  We even tried to get them excited when we heard Santa coming around on the fire truck and then realized that we were supposed to sign up and never actually saw him.  
Waiting for Santa, although he never came
We've tried some new things like baking cookies to decorate them (although I'm not much of a baker it was fun watching the kids getting into it). 

Helping Aunt Kimmy
I was even shocked that Colin even got into the decorating because usually any kind of crafting is not his thing.  However, that also is a testament to the progress he has made because his attention span for these kinds of things has greatly improved.  

The Christmas season has also brought some unexpected gifts with Colin.  After getting home from grocery shopping the other day, he asked us for a banana and went and sat on the couch and ate at least half of it.  He acted as though he eats bananas every day.  
We also made it through a whole basketball game of Daddy's the other day which was fun but all Kailey cared about was her popcorn.  She got it and was one happy girl. 

Uncle Pat came with us too!
 Today marked the first day of our Christmas celebration as my brother and his wife were up from North Carolina.  We had a lot of fun together! 

Looking forward to the rest of the next few days!!


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