Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Tree Decorating Part 1

Given that we have very little time together on the weekends because of Chris' work schedule, we decided to get our Christmas tree last night so that we could decorate it and have it up for awhile prior to Christmas. The kids are REALLY into Christmas this year, so I was looking forward to their reactions to having an actual Christmas tree in our house again.  We have had some fun stories in going to get our tree together (like me making Chris WALK to get it because I thought it would be a great memorable experience and it was actually a LOT farther than we thought) but in the past 2 years, it has been a lot easier for me to swing by the local farm market and pick up our tree.  For us, the most memorable part is the decorating so maybe one day in the future we will have some different experiences in picking out the trees with the kids.  

When I got to the kids' school to pick them up, they were excited to see the tree on top of the car.  We quickly ate dinner and then got the tree in the stand.  We had tested the lights in the morning and they all worked fine but as soon as we got them on the tree and plugged in, the middle strand failed.  Since we didn't have a back up and it was already almost 8pm, we decided to scrap the decorating until we got a new strand.  

Fast forward to 5am....just after Colin had come walking in our room and got in bed with us, we heard a crash and the tree fell over.  So, at 5am, we had to clean up the water that had spilled all over the floor and cut the base down considerably with a crappy $10 saw with the help of Colin.  He kept asking us "what are you doing?" and then telling us he was a good helper when he would hold a branch.  

The bright spot was that due to the light strand failure, there were no decorations on the tree so it was significantly less cleanup than it COULD have been.  

Stay tuned for part 2!

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