Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

It is really  hard to sum up how fabulous the past week has been in words.  Celebrating Christmas this year was filled with lots of love and family and while crazy at times, it really was a wonderful time.  I almost had this feeling of sadness today that it's all over, especially after the last of the family left and we were left with the destruction that two little ones have created.  There's so much preparation that goes into the holidays and then it all goes by so quickly.  As I look through all of my pictures, I feel like it was hard to capture all of the little parts of the days we spent celebrating.  I feel like I missed so many opportunities of the kids opening presents or candid shots of family together because of enjoying it all myself.  I chose some of my favorites to show glimpses into our 2013 Christmas week celebrations...



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