Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thankfulness in Pictures

It can often be difficult in our daily lives to specifically think about the things we are thankful for because we get caught up in the schedules and challenges.  Some days are certainly more challenging than others with two toddlers, but I am reminded this week to find little blessings even in the most mundane of schedules.  

Kailey is very challenging these days but the very same things that make her difficult are also the things that make her an incredibly loving and caring little girl, particularly with her big brother.  Her language and communication amazes me every day, but I especially love hearing it when she is patient and understanding with Colin.  In this picture, she walked over to me shortly after waking up and said "mommy, this is my friend baby!".  

I think back to the days when Colin's feeding issues and challenges were consuming and overwhelming, especially when we were so worried with how many calories he was taking in in a day and whether or not it was affecting weight gain.  However, we learned to let some of those anxieties go and put our trust in Colin's feeding therapist who has helped all of us to make such positive strides.  Not too long ago, Colin was ONLY eating cottage cheese with mashed berries, yogurt (specific to packaging), pudding and ice cream and now he has added chunks of berries (without cottage cheese), pizza, various noodles and pasta sauce, pancakes, cheese, fruit snacks, and is open to trying different things.  

Prior to children, life for Chris and I was pretty "easy".  It's often difficult on a relationship when you add two toddlers, full time work schedules, the upkeep on a home, financial worries, and parenting trials into the mix but we've figured out how to make life work for both of us.  While life isn't always "easy" these days, I wouldn't ask to be taking this journey with anyone else.  I am so grateful for Chris' love for me and our family...

I am thankful for the village that helps our family.  My sister and I are 5 years apart and growing up it felt like there was such a gap between us.  However, that gap has been bridged as my sister has become my friend and has helped us tremendously through the years with the kids.  We are so grateful for all she does....

I am thankful for my family that helps us whenever it is needed and without explanation.  I am thankful for my family that loves our children unconditionally and who my kids feel so comfortable with.  

I am thankful for the pure joy and delight in simply opening and hanging Christmas decorations.  It's nice to be reminded and see it from the eyes of kids.  

 I am thankful for good friends who don't see the true differences that exist among each other.

...and I am thankful for the simple pleasures in life.  For fun times, for laughter, for big smiles....

Today we took the kids to the Fresh Beat Band concert.  It was SO. MUCH. FUN. to watch Colin have such a great time (Kailey could care less AND she fell asleep on me but it was still fun!).

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