Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Holidays

This holiday season has been one filled with lots of magic so far when seeing it through the eyes of a 2 and 4 year old.  We have been trying to fill the month with meaningful events  but have also been aware that too much is never a good thing.  All season long, we have been snapping pictures of Colin and Kailey while asking them to pose in different spots to chronicle the 2013 holiday season.  Today I got THIS picture while trying to get them to pose in front of the Christmas tree and I can't stop looking at it and laughing...
This Saturday we had a rare day of together time where we spent getting the Christmas tree FINALLY decorated and even got some lights up on the outside of the house.  

 It's fun to watch how much they understand and enjoy the little things this year when it comes to getting ready for Christmas. 


They have been watching Polar Express over and over again and want to see anything associated with Santa Claus.  We have a state Park locally with an old train ride with Santa experience and Chris and I were so excited to take the kids last night.  We were anticipating how much they were going to LOVE seeing Santa and ride a train much like Polar Express. 

We went earlier in the day to get the tickets and they were so excited to ride the train.  

They were so excited getting on the train but NOT so excited when Santa came walking through.  
So to add to what the holiday season REALLY looks like to me, it snowed today.  Last year, Colin didn't enjoy the snow so much but today it was a lot of fun!  

I often forget how observant the kids are because I was totally shocked when Colin laid down and made a snow angel.  WE have never showed him that before but I noticed on Mickey Mouse today that one of the characters did.  


I can't wait to see all of the things that are still yet to come this month!


Marietta said...

ILOVE that first picture! It's hilarious!

Jenny said...

Loved these pictures :)

Diane Hill said...

Awesome Pics! I just noticed the first one with Kailey in the background. Ha Hs...too funny!