Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Recap of our Ups and Downs

Today has been one of those days that I don't feel great about anything in the world of parenting.  It is quite evident these days that parenting has it's way ups and it's way downs, but doesn't always feel like there's much in between.  

I have talked about Kailey's behavior/attitude lately, but today reached an all time low when I found out she had to hang out in the office at daycare today for a little bit because she was so upset/worked up/having tantrums today over everything.  You name it: she wanted to put her dirty wet underwear back on, she wanted this, didn't want to do this, etc.  I know she's been tough at times lately and the teachers and I can usually joke around about it, but today I actually felt embarrassed.  

From what everyone says, these are things that "will pass", but right now in the "heat" of it, it doesn't feel like that!  We are doing everything we can to remain consistent, reprimand when we need to, and not give her what she wants when she wants it.  However, it amazes me how different the same kind of parenting is reflected in two different personalities. 

Just to give you an idea about how quickly she can change....

She's actually happy with my dinner choice for her, we're all chatting and enjoying dinner.  

I really like this Mommy, can I please have more?  Sure Kailey, that's great!

But I didn't WANT you to cut my big spaghetti noodles into shorter noodles so that I have an easier time eating them!

I can't believe you did that so I'm going to give you the pouty lip.  

Stop taking pictures of me!! I don't want little noodles I want "bigs" noodles!!

Well, fine.  

I guess I have no choice but to eat the little noodles even though I really wanted them to remain "bigs".  

Later: Mommmmm-mmmyyy....I want what's on YOUR plate.  No, Kailey, you have your own.  

I can't believe you're so mean.  Stop looking at me.  

I mean it! Don't look at me!

I cannot believe you're still taking my picture! "No cammm-rraaa Mommm-mmmy!"


Now I want some of the potatoes that are on your plate that I originally said I didn't want but I guess they are better than I thought.  

Pllleeassseeee mommm-mmy!

Now my milk is empty!  I want milk pleeaaasssseeeeee!

Sooooo happy laughing with Colin.  

Less than 5 minutes later mind you....Happy as a clam!

Seriously, it's so up and down.  Let's hope this passes SOON.  


Adrienne said...

I'm gonna tell you right now, girls are so different than boys!!! You know that by now though. One word and I've said it before: DRAMA. It will pass but don't give in to that sweet face! The older she gets the easier it will be for her to walk all over you. You and Chris are wonderful parents and she's definitely going through terribly 2's which lead to even worse 3's;) LOL. It will get better as long as you stay on top of her!;)

Alaina and Kyle said...

I love the play by play. I'm sure you feel exhausted by the end of the day but kids will be kids. Keep your head up and things will get better. I can only say that cause I have one right now. You may need to remind me in a year when I'm in your shoes :)

Diane Hill said...

My 3 year old son is this dramatic! It's very exhausting sometimes. We never experienced the terrible 2's so he's making it up with the 3's. Hang in there!