Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pizza "Adventure"

I was inspired by my friend Deanna at Everything and Nothing from Essex to start thinking about adventure.  She has a really neat blog post here where she talks about creating adventure for her kids and making it a challenge for herself.  With less than a week left of the "serious structure" of a school year, I thought that this was a challenge that would be fun to take on.  She says to "think outside the box" and find ways to look through the eyes of toddlers to create fun adventure.

So tonight, instead of heading home to a dinner without Daddy, we decided to hit up the pizza place up the street for some slices to make dinner a bit more fun.  Aside from Colin and Kailey thinking it was a good idea to lay on the floor while I waited to pay (although, maybe that's their idea of adventure?), we had a really good time!

Thanks Deanna!

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