Monday, June 3, 2013

Evolution of a Relationship

Colin and Kailey's relationship is something that literally ebbs and flows with each minute of the day that they are together.  One minute you are standing there admiring this beautiful lovey bond they share and the next they are at it leaving Kailey crying and Colin frustrated/mad.  I caught a perfect example of this today.

I was in the kitchen getting together the finishing touches of dinner when I heard them laughing hysterically at one another.  I quickly got my camera because the sounds were so sweet, but also knowing, this laughter would be short lived.  As I expected, Colin always takes it one step too far and Kailey will without a doubt cry.

However, over the weekend, we didn't quite have this same turn of events and both kids were sitting really nicely singing songs, saying our letters and numbers.  I caught that for you too...

It's not always rough and tumble but no matter how nicely they play together, it often evolves VERY quickly!

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