Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The "Issues"

This seems to be a pretty challenging time for us right now as we are falling into one of those "phases" where you almost forget about it when it's over, but when you're in it, it stinks.  There are a few common themes we seem to be dealing with when it comes to Colin and at times they can be really tough!  

1.  Behavior:

This seems to be one of the most challenging things we deal with on a regular basis.  There are times when Colin and Kailey will play together so well, and others (like tonight), we are keeping Colin from literally trying to wrestle her.  The general issues with behavior that we deal with are how he plays with Kailey and the fact that there are times he just. won't. listen.  

For example: (this is a real example) Colin, don't lick the window.  (He proceeds to look at me, look at the window, and then lick the window).  Colin, Mommy said don't lick the window.   (He proceeds to look at me, look at the window, and then lick the window). Colin, do you want to go to time out?   (He proceeds to look at me, look at the window, and then lick the window). 

Don't get me wrong, he knows EXACTLY what he is doing most of the time, but that's what makes it so frustrating!  We can say things over and over and over again to follow through and he will continue to do whatever it is that he is doing (and this includes doing something to Kailey).  

When it comes to Colin's behavior, I can pinpoint some of the triggers that make it particularly worse and the number one of those is whether or not he is tired.  We went for a walk tonight around the neighborhood and on a limited nap, lots of beach and backyard play, he was exhausted.  He ran with Kailey for a bit, but then wanted to sit down in the middle off the road to rest.  If she would start running, his little temper would flare up and he would yell "No running!" at her as loud as he could.  If he got frustrated with her because HE didn't want to run anymore, he would run over to her and yell at her and then push her.  Another trigger is boredom/inability to really put together his own activity.  For example, throwing the puzzle pieces today when he didn't want to do it anymore.  

We try really hard to keep the consistency and follow through (I made him pick up all of the puzzle pieces he threw tonight) but on 8, 9, and 10 of doing the same thing and straight up not listening, it's hard to keep your cool.  

2.  Sensory Issues

One of the other common issues we deal with with Colin is the "sensory" issues.  I put this in quotations because I suppose these things can be lumped into sensory seeking, but not in the "he can't handle them" aspect.  

Colin's feeding therapist said that the fact he eats sand, dirt, mulch, gravel or licks windows, licks sunscreen from his arm, washes his hands with soap and then licks the soap, etc. are all ways to seek sensory input.  I understand, but at times, don't understand this.  I cannot understand for the life of me how these things provide "input" when they have no nutritional value or more importantly, good taste!  These things are frustrating for us and while I "get" there is a "cause", I have to try and keep my patience with it.  These are things I am still seeking answers for better understanding.  

3.  Potty/Feeding:

I am lumping these 2 together because I have blogged separately about them and will continue to be ongoing.  


Rochelle said...

Hang in ther mama. Knowing thir triggers is half the battle. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Here is a quick tip about licking the windows. When he has been licking the windows you give attention. It is negative attention. Try instead distracting him with an object that is a preferred item. (Try hitting up the dollar store. Keep a stock of items that will grab his attention. Do not let him play with it at other times. As it will become ineffective) Limit this item. That way when you say, 'stop licking the window" he will associate it with something positive. Try looking up some ABA techniques up online. It is easier to "catch them being good" . If he sits by the window for 10 seconds and does not lick, give him a hug, tickles etc. and positive words

Atlantic Canada Mama

Diane Hill said...

I still have a lot to learn since we are new on this journey, so I will just say hang in there and I hope to continue to learn from you!

ch said...

I love to hear Colin's anecdotes. And I especially love that most of what frustrates you about Colin are honestly things that frustrate lots of moms of toddlers...typically developing or not. (aside from his goofy sensory/food issues...and I can call them that since Jace's are at LEAST equally bizarre)

Colin wows me all the time. There isn't a blog visit I make where I don't think to myself, "that boy is going places". And today's post is no different. You're doing a BEAUTIFUL job and you have a VERY well-behaved independent and confident thinker on your hands. Kudos, momma. You and your talents are the envy of many. I'm topping the list.