Monday, June 17, 2013

Potty Training

I should have fixed the title to say potty "training" since it's not going as I would have expected at this point.  We have been pushing along in the same scheduled way we have for a long time now and I think we have regressed a bit.  For awhile, we were seeing good progress where he would *mostly* stay dry on his hourly schedule but in the past month or two, we are finding that it does not matter how often he goes, he is often at least a little bit wet and at other times, worse than that.  His demeanor is ok, meaning, he doesn't put up much of a fight when it's time to go but it's like he hasn't "bought into it yet".  

One of the reasons I think we find him a little bit wet most often is because he never fully goes or empties his bladder when he is sitting on the potty.  He can really start and stop his stream like no other.  I am not sure if it's impatience or his muscle control as I know that his low muscle tone may cause some difficulties with this.  I find that most times I am frustrated because I thought we'd at least be further along in this process but then other times I understand the reasons this may be taking a long time.  

I also don't think we are going to see more progress until he can communicate to us efficiently when he has to go because that's something he's not doing at all right now.  So, we will keep trudging along with hopes that we will start to turn a corner and see more change over the next year.  I know timelines are not something I should hold in my head (especially since this one was lost a LONG time ago) but I would really like to see this as something that's under control before he heads off to kindergarten in a year.  

The difference I am seeing with Kailey and her progress with the potty is that she does communicate (mostly) when she has to go or if she already went.  She does really well for her teachers at school but not as great at home (but that's like anything right? Everything is always better at school.) and when she will put on her underwear will stay pretty dry throughout the day.  I thought that once she really got into it, it would help motivate Colin more but he's definitely still on his own timetable.  

...and just something cute from dinner.  Kailey really likes pickles lately but is getting pickle confused with freckle.  She keeps calling her pickle a freckle and her freckles (she has a few on her hand that she always points out) her "pickles".  Cracks me up...

To have a little fun, I joined the kids for ice cream at the "little red table".  I can't wait for the fun that's JUST around the corner this summer (my last day is Thursday!!).  


Rochelle said...

Aw he will get it all of a sudden. We thought Dariya would take forever and then all of a sudden she did it and never looked back!
They both are so darn cute.
Kindergarten in a year? I was thinking he was a year behind my girls???

Anonymous said...

We are in the middle of potty training as well. Our son will turn 5 on 12/15 and also has Down syndrome. He will usually sit on the potty without a fight when we take him and usually goes. He also seems to have the ability to hold it a long time. He just NEVER tells us when he needs to go. So, if we wait too long, he has a wet pullup or diaper. Occasionally, he has said "pee" and we make a big deal out of it and run him to the bathroom. I also make a big deal at times about feeling his dry diaper/pullup and use the "big boy" phrases quite often. I just don't know how to encourage him to proceed to the next step of telling us when he has to go.

Kristin said...

Good luck!!! We failed miserably with Max over spring break, but his new ABA therapists said they would try again. Yippee.