Tuesday, January 22, 2013

There IS a Light!

While Colin still is not 100% yet, I am seeing this little light way at the end of the tunnel that says we are at least headed in the right direction.  Yay! for progress!  Colin returned to his normal schedule today of his preschool program in the morning and then his daycare in the afternoon.  I was able to touch base with his teacher today and then some of the other staff this evening at a talk we went to and they all said the same thing about him; he was happy to be back and there were no general issues like crying or lack in doing anything, but, was clearly not himself, seemed tired and a little "weepy".  I know it will take time to get back in the routine again so hopefully things will turn around pretty quickly!  He ate a bit more today but it just turns my stomach that the only things he eats are dairy products coming off of the stomach virus.  He made it through the day until ugh, his poor teacher at daycare had to clean up a MASSIVE explosion that included his sneakers!  

Baby steps are just as good as any other kind of step...

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