Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Little Runny

Now that Colin is feeling better and has his appetite back again, we are seeing a little flourish again in some of his skills.  Over the week and a half that he was sick, he really didn't want to do much, including talk.  We had a very whiny, mopey and in some ways lethargic little boy.  However, this week we had a note from his teacher that said he is becoming more and more perky with each day that passes and at home he is back to his talkative, dancing, silly, happy (mostly), and fun little boy (oh thank goodness...that week was miserable!).  

One of the skills that has sort of been "shining this week is his ability to match shapes appropriately and put puzzles "together".  I have often been frustrated thinking that this is something he still hasn't been able to do because when you take out REAL puzzles, he doesn't seem to have an interest and I can't get him to sit there for more than a few minutes.  However, the iPad is a huge motivator for him and the other night while we were sitting on the couch I happened to look over while he just kept matching shapes correctly over and over again.  He has also been doing really well with taking puzzle pieces and putting them in their correct places in one of his apps as well.  It's exciting to see!


Unfortunately, even though he is feeling better, he still has awful diarrhea.  When I saw awful, I mean the pure liquid, runny kind that always leaks.  We have to make sure we send at least 2-3 pairs of pants with him among his travels to both of his schools because he has had some really bad accidents (poor thing!).  He has still gained a pound since his appetite is back and is drinking plenty/eating a lot but we can't quite figure out why this is still going on.  If this continues, we are supposed to be visiting the lab to collect a sample (I hope we don't get that far!).  Since he doesn't eat binding foods, we are trying rice soy milk (surprisingly he dirinks it!) and culturelle for kids to add some good bacteria back to his stomach.  

Love to see these happy smiles!!


Kristin said...

We found some gummy probiotics that worked wonders the last time Max had diarrhea - good luck!

Jenny said...

Colin is so handsome, I love his hair. Hope he gets better soon and you don't have to collect that sample, lol, I had to do it once with one of my kids and it is NOT fun!