Monday, January 28, 2013

Drib Drab Winter

This winter wasn't going too badly until we hit a very big snag in the illness department.  It certainly doesn't help that it's been cold and we've been stuck inside.  However, we are doing what we can and hope that now that everyone is feeling better we can have some playdates again soon!  That always makes us feel better!

Unfortunately this past weekend Chris was away a lot so the kids and I had to get some things accomplished...

There were LOTS of snuggles to go around...

We got some cleaning in...

...and got to play in the snow together for the first time this year (and really ever!). 

While I've been pretty hesitant to do a whole lot out in public with the kids by myself just because of the fact they both try to get away from me in opposite directions, I have been able to work with them to get it so that I can go on short outings where I don't need to rely on a stroller or the wagon.  For instance, I've taken them a few times now (including this weekend) to the pizza place because both of them love it so much.  To get in  and out out of the store (as well as other places now too), I've gotten it so that they will happily hold each other's hand (they just don't want to hold mine).  I think that works well because in both of their schools, they hold hands with the other kids when they go places in the hallway so I think that helps!

Mmmmmmm, pizza!

And just like I feel on Monday mornings, Kailey had the Monday morning blues and did not want to get out of bed this morning.  

And just as a random side note, I love when Colin pleasantly surprises me with a skill that he has accomplished that I thought he was still working on.  Every night that I am home alone, I give Colin the iPad while I put Kailey to bed so that I know he is occupied.  While he does have shows on there too, I often find him working on some of his educational apps too.  Recently I was pleasantly surprised to find him working on a "puzzle" on the iPad where he was easily putting pieces together.  Getting him to work on a real puzzle is like pulling teeth, but I was so happy to see that it was something he could do, just prefers the technology I guess.  

Tonight, I looked over and realized he was sorting shapes.  There was a good variety of shapes that he had to match up together and he was just dragging those pieces over and over again correctly matching them up! Most of the mistakes he made seemed because the piece "slipped" off of his finger earlier than he intended.  There were hard shapes on their too!  I was so excited because I thought this was something he was still working on, especially since he won't usually try to hard for me with flashcards and such.  Love when he surprises me!!

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