Thursday, January 3, 2013


Kailey has been changing a lot very quickly lately.  Her language is quickly emerging and the words that she has been saying has been increasing significantly.  At the same time though, even though it seems as though she is quickly catching up (and passing?) Colin in the expressive language department, he is also having a mini-explosion in terms of clarity and words he is using as well.  They seem to feed off each other which has been great for both of them.  

Kailey is little Miss Independent and lately I have been calling her "sassy pants".  She has such a little attitude that I can only imagine what the teen years are going to be like.  However, I also can't tell you how many times lately she has said or done something that just makes me think how darn cute she is!

While in a lot of ways we have been thankful that things have been easier with her in terms of the feeding department than we have faced with Colin, she can still be really picky and stick to the same kinds of foods. She is not as willing to eat as many different foods as she was before so that has become slightly annoying.  However, she loves her fruit so even though she won't eat as many veggies, I know she is getting her fill through all of the fruit she eats.  

When she gets it in her head that she wants to do something, she doesn't stop until she does!  She received several babies and baby paraphernalia for Christmas and absolutely loves them!  I love seeing the little girl emerge in her personality!  


Jenny said...

She just sounds like a really fun kid. I love reading about her.

Rochelle said...

She is so cute!