Monday, January 7, 2013

The Birthday Party

A few weeks ago, Colin came home from school and in his folder was an invitation to a birthday party for one of his friends.  The party was for today for pizza and ice cream cake at his friend's house for 2 hours. I was really excited because we haven't had the opportunity to meet other parents from Colin's preschool class because you don't see them with busing the way you see parents at dropoff/pickup with daycare.  I have been building these list of ideas now because while I have been to some fabulous and fun pinterest inspired parties (wish I could do more of those), we have also been to some really fun birthday parties that didn't fall on traditional times.  We have now been to a Saturday morning breakfast and a weeknight dinner which have both been a lot of fun!  I thought they were great ideas!  

I will admit that going into this party I had some trepidation about not knowing other parents and more importantly, worrying about how Colin would be.  Generally, Colin is always well behaved but in settings where there is a lot going on, I think he often gets overwhelmed and will choose to find something to do by himself, even with urging.  I told Chris on my way that I was nervous, but still anxious to meet some new parents in a good way.  Christian's mom sounded really nice on the phone so I was looking forward to the night.  

LOTS of things crossed my mind with worry about Colin in this setting but did I need to worry about ANY of them?  Nope....

My little boy surprised me in every possible way to the point I was ready to burst into tears in the middle of the party because I was so happy, having fun, and proud of Colin's behavior, social skills and eating!

The first picture isn't the best quality, but I included it because when we got there, I wanted to show that Colin was playing WITH this friend from school (not the birthday boy), instead of the parallel play I often see in some settings.  Shortly after arriving, Colin went around and said hi to his friends and their parents (so cute!) by shaking hands and giving pounds or hugs.  

Colin followed directions and came to the table when asked for dinner.  When I RSVP'd, I told the mom that Colin probably wouldn't eat anything there (although I could hope with pizza) and that I would bring his standard cottage cheese with us.  

He sat at the table with his friends, ate TWO....did you hear me...TWO pieces of pizza!

...As in, bit off pieces, chewed and swallowed two whole pieces of pizza.  I am still sitting here in complete shock.  The parents must have been thinking that I was one big liar.  After I initially turned down a capri sun for him (he is classic for taking a sip of juice and being done; mostly prefers milk), he drank the entire thing (gasp!) and then although I said I didn't think he would eat the ice cream cake, not only did he take a piece himself, he ate the whole thing, different colors (and flavors!) and all (minus the crunchy things).  

He participated in birthday festivities, took pictures, wore masks and hats, and sat indian style on the floor after only being told once that it wasn't his turn to open presents.  

Colin is a great little boy but I had to wonder who he was tonight!  I haven't posted about a lot of our other fun birthday parties until now because this was just a combination of so many different things that we work on with Colin that came together at the same time.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about the night without smiling.  I can't quite explain why this is so exciting to me because it's hard to put into words.  Colin is a well behaved little boy (most of the time, at least in public) who is social and likes to play with other kids, but there are lots of times where he doesn't quite act the way I would expect him to.  When you combine all of these great things together, it makes for a really fabulous time.  What a fun night! 


FirePhoto23 said...

That is awesome that he ate!!! I know how it is when you have to bring food with you everywhere you go! My 3 y/o son is almost like Colin. Only eats a few things. He has a SPD with severe oral aversions. It is so great that he did all of that eating without any problems..It is such a HUGE step for him!!!!! Way to go Colin!!!

EN said...

This makes my heart smile. Go Colin!

Jenny said...

This was so awesome to read!! Good job Colin :)

Deborah said...

I love, love, love that he ate pizza! This post makes me happy. :)