Monday, June 6, 2011

Schooool's Out for Summer!

Today was Colin's last day of school for the summer!! He won't be starting up again until September and we celebrated the whole car ride home screaming "woo hoo" and "yay" and "yes!". I only have two days left and then it is fun in the sun for almost 3 full months! We will be celebrating with a day at the beach on Thursday!!

We took some pictures on the front steps to compare Colin's first day to his last day. There was basically 9 months in between these pictures. Can you believe the difference! My little boy is growing up!!
So much has changed in the past 9 months with Colin and obviously our family. We have grown to a family of 4 which has caused changes with Colin himself. His jealous side comes out at times, but it has gotten much better lately. He is becoming more and more loving with Kailey and it makes me laugh to watch him do his "drive-by kisses". En route to do something, he will crawl really fast and stop and kiss her on the way. He is certainly not ALWAYS gentle, but he will leave her alone if he is scolded for not being "nice".

Colin is NOT afraid to tell you what is on his mind and his little temper is displayed more and more frequently these days. It's usually short lived because like our little photo shoot this morning, one minute he is whining...

...and the next he is happy and all smiles!! I can't believe how fast 9 months have flown by!

Happy last day of school Colin!!


ch said...

oh, big guy. i just love you to bits. and it looks like that charisma and charm is wearing off on your little pink disciple. you're such a star.

Suze said...

As Tommy would say, "oh no!" Tommy is really going to miss his buddy Colin this summer! They are partners in Tommy has to deal with all the girls by himself and there's just too many of them! it is amazing to see the change in Colin when you look at the pics side by side! He is such a little man now! Even though I didn't get to see him that much, I will miss him being in Tommy's class because those rare times that I got there early enough to see him, he always greeted me with the biggest smile and occasionally some smooches!

Wren said...

I remember seeing the first set of pictures and thinking how big he looked...and now oh my goodness he's such a little boy! Look how long his legs have gotten! I hope you all have a great summer!!!

Melissa said...

I love these pictures!! Not only has he grown, but he looks so grown up too!