Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Have a Little Faith in Me

I have a student in my homeroom who is constantly in trouble. He is just one of those kids that you rarely hear anything nice come out of his mouth. Over the past month that I have been back in school, I have repeatedly heard him call other students slang terms that offend people of so many different backgrounds. His word that he uses most often offends Colin and all of our kids with Down Syndrome. I have tried to approach this in so many different ways to show him how hurtful his words can be, I have written him up and he has been given detentions and suspended in school and out. He has spoken with our SAC counselor and yet nothing has changed.

I have been so disheartened as I watch the rest of the kids, good kids, laugh at what he says. There are days when my heart hurts so badly as I think of Colin and the things he might face in his future because of his challenges.

I know that I will never be able to protect Colin completely from the hurtful things that people say and do.

But, what I CAN do, is continue to love Colin, support him and cheer him on. I have faith that Chris and I will raise a family that will be there for each other through the good days and bad. I have faith that our friends and family will continue to show Colin and Kailey how special they are so that if they do face these challenges, they will be confident in themselves.

What I want to tell Colin and Kailey?

Just have a little faith in me. We may not be able to protect you and shield you from everything, but we will always love you. Your friends and family will always love you. So, even when people say mean and hurtful things, you will always know that what they say doesn't matter.


Nana said...

My prayer for you all is that you will always know that no matter what WE love you unconditionally and I hope with our faults and weaknesses you will love us the same. Colin and Kailey you are very blessed with so many people to cheer you on and love you! You guys are the best!! Love, Nana

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

this has to be tough for is bothering me just thinking about husband is a high school teacher and he does presentations to different classes talking about the hurtful words...he shows Maddie and our family...he said it is hard because it rarely seems to make an impact...but he assures me he is planting the seed for the future with these kiddos..that someday they will get it...I think all that you say, do and demonstrate...will make a keep doing what you do...for all our kids...educators make the world better...Colin is a rockstar and so are you! smiles

Rochelle Cannon said...

Great post! Colin will be the most popular kid in school you just wait! Homecoming King for sure! =)