Thursday, June 9, 2011

Next Step

Yesterday was my last day of school for almost 3 whole months and I am so excited at the thought of spending that precious time with my kids (and of course Chris too!). Summer is absolutely my favorite time of the year and I am giddy with excitement about spending our days * relaxing * at the beach, slurping ice cream cones, and long days filled with fun.

In the middle school that I teach at, it is tradition for the teachers to all stand outside and wave goodbye to the kids as the buses pull out of the parking lot. I have to say that although this year had his moments, I was a bit teary in that moment. The last bus to pull out held the special education students and as it drove by, the boy with Down Syndrome that everyone loves was blowing kisses through the window. So much has changed in this past year for our family, but even more so for Colin. Those buses pulling out was symbolic for me waving goodbye to our challenges, our struggles, and our joys and then taking the next step to what lies ahead for challenges, new struggles, but also new joys and wonderful memories. Life goes by too fast so we try to hold on to what we have now and enjoy each day as it comes.

To celebrate my last day, we walked down to the local restuarant to celebrate with dinner!! Kailey slept through most of it...

...and Colin enjoyed every single second.

He is hysterical these days...he completely posed for this picture, leaning in to my cheek and smiling for the camera. He is a cheeseball...100%.

We clicked our glasses and said cheers to a great year and what will be an even better summer.

Chris works over the summer, but not as often or as long so it's nice to spend our days together at the beach!

Colin enjoyed flirting with the waitress and waving hi to anyone in our vicinity. As you can see, there was NO ONE around us, just those hanging out at the bar.

Kailey eventually decided to join us...

...cheeseball was at it again trying on Kailey's hat!

I look forward to what lies ahead with these two!

Woo hoo!! Summer is here!!


Jenny said...

Hope you have a wonderful summer with you kids Kelli!!

Becca said...

Beautiful photos, Kelli!!! We're looking forward to a little big to beach time this summer, too. We'll be up in Sea Isle again over part of the July 4th weekend (I have a high school reunion up there). Can't wait!! Enjoy your summer!

*Kelly* said...

What a sweet family....Thanks for sharing!