Friday, April 1, 2011

People First

Yesterday Colin had a 6 month follow up at the ENT's office just to make sure that Colin's ears aren't all clogged up and are still nice and clear. We have been extremely lucky (knock on wood) to avoid any ear infections thus far in Colin's almost 2 years of life. Despite some initial struggles to get an accurate result, we have also been very successful in the past 6 months when it comes to testing Colin's hearing. I am so happy with this ENT doctor because I feel that he is very professional and talks to Colin, the little patient, while he is checking things out. I asked about Colin's tonsils because they do appear to be enlarged, but at the present time, the doctor feels that as long as Colin isn't snoring or showing any other symptoms, they can be left alone. After the visit with the doctor, we met with the audiologist who introduced herself as a doctor. She asked why we get regular hearing tests done and I told her it was simply because of his diagnosis. We got in the little sound booth and she played sounds of different frequencies to see if Colin would turn in the direction of the sound, which he did. She tried to do one more test, but Colin wasn't having it so she said we didn't really need to anyway. I forget where the conversation was going, but she ended a sentence with "...well, these downs babies..." Grrrr....she is a medical professional!! Insert people first language doctor!! I get frustrated at myself because in that moment my mind was racing with something that I could respond to that with, but I couldn't think of anything other than, "you idiot" (well, maybe some other choice words as well) so I just chose to not say anything. I think this time I may send a letter, but it just amazes me that that language is used by medical professionals! When we got back to the house yesterday, our very good friends were here to meet Kailey and play with Colin. We had a great time and Colin enjoyed playing with his friends Liam and Kaia and I enjoyed being with my friend Jorie! This feeding journey certainly has it's ups and downs, with today being a more up day with Colin being more cooperative. Yay for good days! ...and to end on a cute are my little ones :) It's so hard to take pictures of a newborn and a toddler together without the newborn looking like she is going to fall over! I'm always on the defensive while I take pictures because Colin is still not always gentle (this picture was taken before he tried grabbing the skin on her head!). Today was her first day in a dress!! Oh how giddy I was putting her tights on! ' And my guy...tonight while we were sitting on the couch together he just looked over at me and puckered up! It made me teary so I said "love you Colin" and he signed it right back!


Team Carter Jay said...

Oh,that would have frustrated me too! Your little doll is getting so big!

Nana said...

Oh they are soooo adorable!!! Glad it was a good feeding day!! Love, Nana

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

Love the photos and I'm glad the ENT went well. I am also amazed at how many times I hear medical professionals use terms like that! I have never had the guts to say anything, but I wish I did!!!

Becca said...

I love the photo of the two of them together!! Kailey's beautiful!

Ugh, I cringed when I read what the audiologist said. I know that in the moment it's nearly impossible to think of anything to say. Don't know why that is, but yes, "you idiot" is always at the top of my list before I check myself and turn my filter on. LOL A letter to her directly with something cut and pasted from Kathy Snow's People First article might be a good way to go (the whole thing might be a bit too overwhelming for her and she may stop reading, but you can get some great quotes from this):

Jenny said...

I cant count how many times I have had a "professional" say something like that, it gets under my skin EVERY time...It always leaves me flustered and not knowing exactly what to say. A letter sounds like a good idea though!
Kailey looks adorable in her little dress :)
You have two of the cutest kids ever Kelli!

Suze said...

So sad you had to hear that at the doctor's office - from a doctor! You wonder if the kids who have cancer, or autism, etc. have to hear something like "these cancer kids" when they don't act/behave/cooperate. Because I really don't know that any child Colin's age wouldn't have acted any differently than he did...some probably would have cooperated, and some wouldn't have. I totally agree with you that it was out of line.

On a cuter note - Kailey looks adorable in her dress. I love the pic with her hand on her chest - that is really sweet!