Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful Day

As I type, I can hear U2's "Beautiful Day" playing in my head...it WAS a beautiful day, although I was feeling a tad bit bummy today...

...I'm guessing it's a combination of things between feeling like there is a ton of things to do (without any time to do it...I am guessing that is welcome to having 2 kids!), the fact that I am going back to work on Monday (although, it's only for 5 weeks or so so I will survive), frustrations with feeding (is that anything new?), and despite my best efforts not to be, feeling a TINY bit impatient when it comes to Colin's walking. I HAVE learned to take things slow and enjoy the ride, but I just can't wait for all that we can do when Colin is walking in terms of having fun. It's getting tough always carrying Colin and the baby in the carrier everywhere, but I guess the positive way to look at that is that it's probably helping me ever so slightly get back in shape! I took the kids to the park today and when I pulled into the parking lot, it was packed with kids and was not the type of equipment that Colin could climb independently. I wasn't sure what I would do having Kailey and Colin and having to carry him everywhere, so I turned around and headed for the little River Beach next door instead. I felt bad, but managing it on my own seemed daunting.

This morning, Colin was sporting a new pair of pajamas (24 months) and he couldn't keep them up! I'm thinking I'm going to have to make some exchanges on all of the 24 months/2T shorts that Colin got for his birthday!

In between therapy and Colin's 2 year checkup, I had him watching Baby Signing Times and I love to watch him mimic Rachel and the kids. His receptive language has been great lately! I put him in his new lawn/beach chair and surprisingly he stayed in it for most of the video.

Fortunately, the little beach that we went to had a baby swing and I can't get over how tall and like a big boy Colin looks in this picture! I got him to keep the hat on for a very short period of time and then there was nothing I could do to keep it on his head. I think he looks so adorable, but he does not care for it...

He enjoyed playing in the sand immensely, as well as putting it in his hair. When we got home, I quickly bathed him and had to spend 10 minutes combing the sand out of his hair. I didn't want to show up at the doctor's office with chunks of sand in there! I saw glimpses of what our life this summer at the beach is going to be like!

Exhibit #1 why I can't wait for Colin to start walking....his poor knees were beat red and a little swollen from all of the crawling he did on the rocky sand and carpet at home!

At his 2 year checkup, Colin weighed in at 23 lbs and 3 ounces, exactly 17 pounds and one ounce bigger than on the day he was born. Although he is only in the 3rd percentile for weight (I love the fact that his pediatrician DOESN'T use the DS charts), he gained about 9 ounces since February. He is in the 50th percentile for height and head size (no worries there!). She spent so much time just hanging out with us and chatting/gushing over Colin. We also discussed what's coming up in terms of the recommendations for children with DS, suggestions I had for giving information out to new parents, and the fact that she would refer us to a parent who may have just gotten a diagnosis of DS for their new baby at birth (she is also the head of neonatology at the hospital I delivered both kids). I just love her so much and would HIGHLY recommend her to any new parent seeking a pediatrician.

Despite the fact I tried rocking Colin for a late nap after returning from the doctor, he wanted nothing to do with it. I was slightly irritated until he just started puckering up and kissing me over and over again with a huge smile on his face...how can you be irritated at that 23 pound 3 ounce ball of love??


Kelli said...

Oh, I feel your pain on the walking path. Lindsey was playing outside last week crawling all around the place. All I could think was how much I wanted her to walk and play with her sister. That and how was I going to get the grass stains out of all of her pants and those poor knees once she is in shorts.
Great job getting out there with both kids.

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

Boy do I hear you on the park thing! I was lucky and had Sweet Pea's cousins work with her to teach her how to climb the equipment at the park right by our house. I had almost got her taught before Angel arrived, but they finished the job when I couldn't anymore. It's definitely a challenge going to the park with two, but I think we will both learn strategies to deal with it. I try to have Angel nap during part of it so that I can focus on Sweet Pea and I also try to avoid parks that are too crowded as then Sweet Pea needs more help as she can't just sit at the top of the slide for 5 minutes if she wants to. You will learn and it will get easier. It's great you had the beach to go to!

Colin sure does look big in that swing! And those poor knees! Sweet Pea scooted more than anything so that wasn't as big of an issue for us, but her butt was always filthy!

Team Carter Jay said...

Your kids are adorable as always! I LOVE the new blog look. Amazing!!

Patti said...

Wow, I can't believe Colin weighs that much- Lily is only 14 lbs.7 oz at 15 months. I have a hard time seeing her even standing any time soon, so I imagine we'll be in the same boat with walking. He sure is a doll- and so is your darling baby girl!

Nana said...

The smiles and kisses certainly make it difficult to get irritated! He's just so darn cute and of course Kailey is just beautiful!! Glad you had so much fun at the beach! Can't wait for the beach fun! Love, Nana