Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thank You Miss Darlene

Today was Miss Darlene's last day working with Colin. It was both good and bad that I could not be here for it because I probably would have been very emotional! I didn't think we were going to have to say "good-bye" until Colin turned 3! We are very happy for Miss Darlene because she will be moving on to a different job that is great for her family.

We are so grateful for all of the therapists we have for Colin because they all have something unique that they bring with them for his weekly sessions. Miss Darlene was the first therapist to come into our home when Colin was just 4 or 5 weeks old. We were scared, nervous, and not thrilled that this was about to become our life. However, after she left, we felt like "ok, we can do this! It's not so bad!"

We are so thankful for everything that Miss Darlene has done for Colin in the past year and a half. She has helped to make such progress with Colin's development in so many areas, and on top of that, she has provided US, yes Chris and I, with so much moral support throughout the journey. We are sad to see her go, but lucky to have her as our friend now.

You have meant so much to us and Colin! Thank you for everything!!
I love you Miss Darlene! xoxoxoxoxoxo


Nana said...

Cutest pictures!! Miss Darlene I enjoyed meeting you and appreciate all you have done for our beautiful Colin as well as for our children Kelli and Chris! You will be missed but look forward to seeing you as a friend. Good luck in your future! Love, Nana(Another mommy of 4)

Suze said...

I love how Colin is trying to get a look at what Miss Darlene is writing down about what he did!!! That is so cute!!!

evrfwd said...

The love really shows through in those photos. I was so touched by that last one. Sooo sweet. oxo